It’s Not Your Grandma’s Log Cabin. Or is it?

Most Skokie folks are familiar with, or have at least seen, the cute, little log cabin in Downtown Skokie – a charming part of the Skokie Heritage Museum.  That little cabin is 18’x24’, was built in 1847 by Nicholas and Elizabeth Meyer and is Skokie’s oldest still-standing structure.  Originally located at Lincoln Avenue and Gross Point Road, it was moved to its current location in 1982.

You may have missed, however, another gem of Skokie’s history – also a Log Cabin.  It’s off the beaten path a bit (mere blocks north of the Exporitorium), but this Skokie log cabin is not so little.

Central Church members boast about their Log Cabin – “the largest Log Cabin in Skokie”, they say.  But they are right.  It is the biggest log cabin in Skokie and not by just a few square feet.  Central’s Log Cabin is big:  two stories, 15 rooms, and more than 4,000 square feet.  When interviewing potential architects for its recent renovation, one gentleman called it the ‘log-mahal’!

You can view the interesting history of Central’s historic Log Cabin – which was built exactly where it stands today in 1923 by Dr. Melville Little as a single-family home.  For a short time, it was home to a military academy!

You can also read blog entries – they call it the “Log Blog” – in more detail than you could ever imagine or want – about this cabin’s recent face-lift.  Try to find pictures of the petrified (and I don’t mean scared) squirrel that was found in the roof.

More importantly, you should know that this Log Cabin is no museum.  It is an integral and busy part of Central’s activities and is in constant use by neighbors, friends and businesses for events of all kinds.  The cabin, in spite of its size, is cozy and warm, especially when the original wood-burning fireplace is ablaze or when the Church Ladies have something delicious baking in the oven.

Perhaps it’s the perfect, unique location for your next social gathering??   To click here to get a visual tour of Central’s Log Cabin. The visual tour may start in the church, but just “walk” out using the arrows, turn to the right and head over to the cabin.  It’s pretty cool!

Better yet – go see the Cabin for yourself!  Central’s 4th Annual Santa in the Cabin event will take place on Saturday, December 8th from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.   There is absolutely no better place for your little ones to visit Santa.  In addition to the Big Guy (Santa, that is…), the day offers up free crafts for the kiddos; a delicious, homemade lunch menu served in the Great Room; a Bake Sale (let the church ladies do the baking for you); Plus a large Craft and Vendor Fair with many unique gift items just in time for the holidays.   Admission $2 adults; kids are free.

Central United Methodist Church
8237 Kenton Avenue, Skokie, 60076

Contributed by Julianne Epperson Arvizu

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